Tax Filing with PremaCorp

The City of Weaver does not collect sales tax at City Hall.  PremaCorp collects all taxes for the City of Weaver.  To register with PremaCorp, email or call (256) 427-4816.  For information on sales tax, sellers use tax, or consumers use tax, visit the Alabama State Department of Revenue website for a complete list of tax rates.

The following is important information for filing the following taxes:

To file taxes online, please login.

Effective January 1, 2013, the tax rate for sales tax (general and vending) and use tax (general) increased to 5% inside the city limits of Weaver.  Outside the city limits, but within the police jurisdiction, the new rates for those categories are 2.5%.  On-line filing is encouraged due to the decreased cost of processing and the level of convenience for the taxpayer.  However, if paper filing is still more desirable to the taxpayer, new forms are available. 

Click on the form name to view and print the desired form: 
Sales Tax
Use Tax (Consumers or Sellers)
Application For Tax Account
Tobacco Tax
Gasoline Tax
Liquor Tax
Wine Tax