Weaver Heritage Day

September 14, 2019


09:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Elwell Park in Weaver


Aletha Young 256-453-0169 or Carla Williams 256-820-0547 or Anna Allison 256-820-1121 ext.122


256-453-0169 or 256-820-0547 or 256-820-1121 ext.122


$50.00 Food Vendors -$25.00 Craft spaces, and a extra $10.00 for electrical hook-ups

Food Vendors $50.00 with a 110 outlet.                                    Health Dept.Permits are required                                              Food Vendors spaces are approximately 15 ft.footage  Craft spaces are $25.00 ---- NO Electricity.  Limited SPACES for crafters needing electrical hook-ups and a &10.00 fee. Bring your own drop cords  No Refunds.  No Crafter can sell water or any type of food. Only food vendors may sell these. Craft spaces are 12 ft. If you need more rent double spaces.        Tents and booths set up times. On Friday 4:oo pm untill dark  .{ Not before )  Saturday morning after 5:30 am till 7:45 am.    Weaver Heritage Day will have live music.